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Blitz Furniture Removals

Welcome To Blitz Furniture Removals - Perfect Removalists Adelaide

Blitz Furniture Removals are one of the leading removalists in South Australia, and we provide first class service at an affordable price.

At Blitz Furniture Removals, we have carved out a level of service for budget hourly rates which has made us a household name for home removals in South Australia. Our highly skilled and dedicated team of furniture removalists know exactly what it takes to execute expert house removals.

The right removalist company is hard to find, so make the right choice! Our business has been built on a commitment to these values and thus we're extremely proud of the strong reputation we've established.

Residential, Office and Commercial moves

Special items include:

Bedroom suites and wardrobes

Baby Pianos

Dining room suites

Upright Pianos

Lounges of all sizes including recliners

Pool Tables

Large display cabinets and wardrobes

Snooker Tables

Outdoor Furniture

Massage Armchairs

Barbeques including Gas Bottles


Air Conditioners and Heaters


Office Desks, Dividers and Boardroom tables


Get It Removed Right Away and Enjoy Your Home Your Way

Getting new things for yourself and your home is always an enjoyable occasion. It is clear that money cannot buy happiness, but when you buy some new things for your home it can make your life a lot more enjoyable. A new couch is always a lot of fun to sit on and really spruces up your living room. A new table is a great gathering place for your family, and a new china cabinet can add a whole lot to the way that your dining room looks. It is really a special occasion when you have new stuff.

What to do with the Old Furniture

The problem is that new stuff requires getting rid of old stuff. Most people do one of two things with their old furniture items. They either put it in the garage, where it sits and becomes some kind of odd shelf where a whole lot of stuff gets stacked on it, or they set it outside and hope the it just decays on its own or that the furniture fairy comes and sees and it and magically takes it away.

Few people look into having it removed because they may not even know that there is a service that can do this for them. Thus, they are stuck with this piece of furniture because they do not know that there are furniture removalists Adelaide that can take care of this for them.

Where to Turn to Get Removals Adelaide Done

Blitz Furniture Removals Adelaide area understands your needs and is able to help you to get rid of that furniture that you no longer want anymore. They know you need a professional furniture removal Adelaide company that can provide you with the kind of service you need to get rid of your old furniture so that you can truly enjoy your new pieces the way that you were intended to.

These movers Adelaide can help you with the removals Adelaide area that you need done and take them to local companies that use the items that have been removed and recycle. This helps to keep the area from getting cluttered with all kinds of furniture removals Adelaide area that make for a giant junkyard of old furniture.

Most importantly, these Adelaide removalists safely remove the unwanted furniture from your home without causing any damage to your property at all. Some companies are not as protective of your walls and railings, but we are true professionals at what we do, and so we make sure that during the furniture removals Adelaide area that your home remains protected and safe from any unwanted issues.

You can look at other removalists Adelaide area, but Blitz Furniture Removals is the place you want to come to so that you get the job done right, and at a cost that is much more affordable than what you will find most other places. Getting the job done safely and right is what they do. Check them out today.

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